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A Global Changing Market

The global Halal food market is becoming one of the fastest growing market segments. Halal food refers to items that are permissible for consumption. In the past, the consumption of Halal food was focused in regions that had a predominant Muslim population. However, this has significantly changed in recent years. Halal food has been extended to non-Muslim economies, where Halal food has become the new benchmark as a safe and hygienic form of food.

Al Haddad – Caring for the community

Al Haddad Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd is a manufacturing company which produces 4 in 1 instant drink and incorporated in Malaysia since 02nd December 2013. We began the operations on 27th October 2014. Al Haddad Manufacturing Sdn Bhd located at Kedah Halal Park, Sungai Petani, Kedah. We had produced three type of 4 in 1 instant drink which are Tamar Cocoa, Malt-Iq and Tamar Arabica Coffee. Tamar Cocoa is a best-selling drink since its first production.

Our product are produced by 100% Bumiputera Muslim company. We have been granted HALAL certification by JAKIM Malaysia, MESTI certification by Ministry of Health Malaysia, HACCP and GMP Certification by Platinum Shauffmantz Veritas (PSV). The products are widely distributed in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak and also exported to the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, China and other countries. Other than that, our vision is to expand our business to global market. Middle East and  Europe is our targeting country. Our product only can be found through stockist and agent in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment to serving the Halal consumers remains our guiding principle from the day we started till today, and beyond.

Vision: To be the manufacturer of Halal Food with high quality for health and to build next successful entrepreneur.

Mission: Striving to fulfill the demand of halal product locally and internationally.
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Quality Product

We follow strict compliance guidelines and demand excellence in the quality of our products and the compassion of our services. Our strong work ethic – coupled with our adherence to environmental issues – results in a culture of continuous enhancement that aimed at excellent customer service, unsurpassed professional reliability, and superior quality of product—values that are all aimed at providing the highest level of satisfaction to our customers and our community.
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Halal Food

We treat every individual in our community as part of our family, and that approach is also indicative of how we have been able to develop and build an elaborate network of American distributors and retailers. At AL Haddad, affordable, high-quality Halal food is our passion, and we are adamant about our responsibility to provide everyone in the Halal consumers with the food products and personable service they deserve.
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Products Offer

Our wide and healthy product ranges cover wide type of products that include:

Healthy and nutritious beverages

-Tamar Cocoa
-Malt IQ
-Tamar Arabica Coffee
-Tamar Teh Tarik

Putting Malaysia On A Global Route

Malaysia’s food and beverage sector is increasingly sophisticated and influenced by health and convenience trends. Consumer awareness of nutrition value and food fortification for healthcare has created the demand for functional, minimally processed fresh, organic and natural foods.
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Halal Trade Industry

The country has grown from strength to strength from servicing merely the domestic market to catering to a wider marketplace not only comprising the Muslim diaspora but also other consumers worldwide. In the ASEAN region, Malaysia is the undisputed leader in halal trade and industry, and has gained global recognition for its efforts to facilitate the development of halal industry and trade. These include works in areas such as accreditation, certification, R&D, and dedicated halal shipping service.

Halal Food Product

Thanks to the sustained efforts of the government and strong public-private sector cooperation to promote halal industry in Malaysia, the country has been recognised as a business and trading centre for halal items of some significance. This is evidenced by the growing volumes and value of the production and trade of halal products in Malaysia.
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